Critical Communications Capability® Practitioner - People Focus

Critical Communications Capability® Practitioner - People Focus

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The purpose of Critical Communication Capability®  (CCC®) Practitioner - People Focus course is to provide business and IT professionals with a in-depth, practical understanding of the people resources that underpin critical communications capability, including their desired state, and how to improve it and maintain it over time and changing circumstances. The course covers best practices to shortcut the capability building process, and force field analysis to help you identify high-value agile continuous improvements. It includes ideas for regular practice and drills to build capability into ‘muscle memory’. The focus is squarely on practical application of the fundamental concepts covered in the CCC® Foundation course, drilling down into the People resource area.

Upon completion of the course, candidates may sit the optional 60-minute, 30-question, multiple-choice CCC® Practitioner - People Focus examination leading to the CCC® Practitioner - People Focus Certificate. A score of 20 of 30 (67%) or better is required to pass.

The target audience for this course is business and IT leadership teams and individuals who contribute to critical communication who want practical ideas for improving their critical communication capability in the People resource area.

Prerequisites: Critical Communication Capability® Foundation course completion. Critical Communication Capability® Foundation certification recommended.

View the 90-second course overview here.

View the 15-minute CCC® overview video here.

This course consists of 14 contact hours of study, exclusive of examination preparation (including review of sample examinations). It is available as self-directed learning (video learning, eLearning, hardcopy course book or digital courseware (protected PDF), with optional online exam with remote proctor) or as a traditional classroom or virtual instructor-led training delivery. The course can typically be completed over two days, with the examination at the end of the second day. 

At the end of this course, you should be able to: 

  • Cite how people resources underpin critical communication capability
  • List and describe indicators of critical communication capability within the people resource area
  • Describe how people resources are drawn on in all phases of CritSit handling, from the standing phase, through response to aftermath
  • Give examples of how to identify improvements in the people resource area via levers like force field analysis and best practices 
  • Give examples of how to build critical communication capability in the people resource area using a agile improvement and regular practice
    Course Outline 
    Module 1: Improving People Resource Area Capability
    Module 2: Standing Phase People Capability
    Module 3: Response Phase People Capability
    Module 4: Aftermath Phase People Capability

    How to get started
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