Acceleres helps individuals and organizations develop and demonstrate the critical capabilities required by digital enterprises.

Digital organizations, those who use, produce and manage digital products and services, require different skill sets than traditional organizations.

Acceleres is focused on helping individuals and organizations get further, faster in acquiring the most critical skills needed now. Our vision is that every individual and organization gets quickly past intellectual acceptance of the need for these skills, and on to getting them into 'muscle memory', truly enhancing their capability to perform.

Our first three offerings address:

  • Critical communication capability. Critical situations that require deft analysis, action and communication are no longer one-off situations, happen increasingly frequently, and require ever more complex and coordinated responses. What capability do you have to handle them?
  • Digital service management capability. There are many things worth managing when it comes to digital products and services, and each of these must be kept in a desired state. How to do this effectively changes when the target you manage shifts from traditional IT to cloud and mobile. While the desired states stay the same, applying traditional service management practices conceived for physical, on premise environments in a cloud and mobile environment is undesirable and ineffective. Do you know what practices are effective for today's digital organization? And how far have you gone putting these practices into 'muscle memory'?
  • Digital experience capability. Are your digital products and services annoying to use or a pleasure? What capability do you have to avoid a bad experience for your users and customers in the first place, and to root out such experiences when they creep into your products and services?

If you work in a digital organization, you need these capabilities. We've designed training and certification and workshops to help.  To get started, order the courseware for self-study, or hire our trainers to deliver the training for your group so you can 'get the whole system in the room' and get a head start at building shared capability in 'muscle memory'. To demonstrate your understanding, take one of the optional certification exams to earn your digital badge.

Nowadays, the good and the bad news is there are lots of training courses and certifications available on a wide variety of platforms and topics. We want to help you by focusing just on covering just the most critical capabilities, with 'no-fluff' courseware and examinations that are rich in content and affordable. We hope you join us on our quest to bring these capabilities to all business and IT professionals and digital organizations. 

We believe that there are certain ways of thinking and learning that can make a huge difference in the day to day working lives of people and organizations, that what may seem like relatively small changes in thinking and action can make for far better results and and far better work experience.  That's what we're aiming to help you achieve.  So let's get cracking!