Critical Communications Capability® Online Drills and Exercises

Critical Communications Capability® Online Drills and Exercises

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Intellectual acceptance that critical communications capability is needed isn't enough; true capability resides in muscle memory, and it what is needed for you, your team and organization to deftly handle the expected and unexpected moments of truth in critical situations. Critical Communications Capability® Drills and Exercises are live, online working sessions with you, or with your team and members of your organization, conducted by two Acceleres Consultants, one facilitating, one capturing observations, questions and action items. In each, you'll learn something, practice something, get feedback on how you did from your facilitators and colleagues, and walk away with practiced capability and some action items for taking your capability even further. Download the PDF overview here.

Select a 1, 2 or 3-hour timeslot based on your availability and the depth you want to go in the workshop. Choose any one of the following practice drills and exercises, or contact us to discuss custom options for your team or organization. 

Mock Press Conference

Practice and drill on how to best respond in real time to a series of questions from reporters and news outlets.  Train and practice on how to best set a cadence, respond to unexpected questions, effectively bridge to your messages, and present yourself and your organization as accessible, empathetic, and credible.

Live Press Interview

Practice how to best respond to questions and perform in a one-on-one interview, how to be convincing and credible on camera, and how to bridge back to your core messages achieving the objectives of this important opportunity in a critical situation.

Message Development

Practice applying the fundamentals of effective communications through developing the right messages and the right talking points that will guide your outreach efforts.  Guided by the six Cs of effective communications, practice developing m clear, concise, credible, consistent, creative, and compelling messages.

Collaboration in a Crisis

Practice across team with exercises that test your ability to collaborate with groups outside of your regular business interactions, with debriefs designed to identify learnings and process gaps to improve understanding, culture and coordination in critical situations.

Scenario Tabletops

Test your crisis response capabilities through scenario exercises that assess your current level of preparedness and ability to think, react, adapt and respond to likely scenarios, and assess learnings and next steps.

Vulnerability Assessment

Group brainstorm and work through likely critical situations based on assessment of sector challenges, technical concerns (cybersecurity), competitive factors, known internal weaknesses/gaps and other related internal and external issues.

Timing of Response Workshop

Apply the factors at play in determining if and when to go public with an issue or vulnerability – the pros of disclosure and the consequences of publicly acknowledging an issue or problem.

Message Coordination Across Channels

Test how your messages are being communicated across different channels and learn how to improve coordination and consistency in different mediums be developing a wide variety of talking points tailored for different audiences and communications channels

Leadership Decision-Making in a Crisis

Focused on the leadership team and the demands they will face in a critical situation; discussion of the factors that must be considered and drills on making the right decisions, in the right way, quickly and decisively.

Handling Regulators and Government Officials in a Crisis

Learn and practice how to best assess the government regulations and disclosure obligations for your industry and organization; learn questions to ask and the list of issues to check to help ensure you are covered during and after a critical situation. Learn and practice the most effective ways to communicate to a government audience; what to emphasize and how to maintain contact and foster relationships with elected officials, key staffers and long-time government employees.

Impact of Communications on the Bottom Line

Understand and track the link between effective communication and financial results – how strong performance in communications can help drive sales, move marketing and enhance reputation that impacts overall results. Practice messaging in ways that produce neutral or positive impact on the bottom line.

Key Comms Principles and Approaches

Learn and practice the key tenets of effective communications that will help guide you on the best ways to connect with audiences, respond to inquiries, project a positive image and foster a strong reputation.